Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Comments About Legends of Pizza Volume 1

I have gotten some great feedback about The Legends of Pizza CD.

Peter Reinhart (American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza) said: "The Legends of Pizza helps us to understand why we all feel so passionate about pizza-- it starts with the passion of those who make it. How can such a simple, humble food elicit such passion? Listen to these interviews and you can feel the love. It's almost as good as eating one of their pizzas (I said almost).."

Jeff Ruby (Everybody Loves Pizza) reported: "Nice, thoughtful interviews with three interesting guys...A wonderful document of where pizza is today, where it’s going, and where it’s been. I can honestly say I learned more in one hour than I have in a lifetime of eating the stuff".

Tony Gemignani, World Famous pizzaiolo "5-Time World Champion Pizza Thrower stated: "Great Albert! Absolutely Great!"

Jo F. (Noted Pizzaiolo) explained: "...There is simply no other way to have access to three of the great masters of pizza - plus it's informative, fascinating, inspiring and fun!!!..."

Mike Minn (Lover of Pizza) volunteered "Although I love all kinds of pizza, my experience is mostly limited to the fast food variety, you have made me aware that thereis a whole world of pizza out there and that there are people like PeterReinhart, Chris Bianco, Gary Bimonte, and yourself, who have a genuine passion for pizza.

After listening to the three interviews, I have concluded that Legends ofPizza is more than just a "how-to" or instructional recording. As a former history teacher, I see your CD as a kind of oral history. The three interviews revealed a little about the making of pizza, but spoke volumes about the pizza-maker, his passion, his connection to his product and his customer and the place that a pizzeria has in family histories and communities.

Yes, The Legends of Pizza is about three of the most notable pizzaiolo, but what I value about your CD is that it is a "slice of life"."

Thanks for the comments everyone!

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Pizza on Earth,

Albert Grande

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