Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Review: Chris Bianco Pizza Tips from

Pizza Tools:
Here is the article in Parade:
"Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco Shares His Top Pizza Tips"
chris explains in the your oven needs to be as hot as possible. Pre-heat our oven for at least an hour.
Use a pizza stone of better yet use a baking steel.

Here is the website link for Pizzeria Bianco:

Monday, October 16, 2017

PIZZA MADE OUT OF ITALIAN COFFEE, dough recipe and pizza making!

I MADE YOU A PIZZA FULL OF COFFEE VIDEO COMPLETE RECIPE Instead of the water I tried to put coffee, and the result was amazing, I did the same dough for Neapolitan pizza, labeled all coffee lovers, and if you have of ideas, and do you want me to make a pizza out of this world? please comment and I will hear your curiosity

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eGuide: Bread Making Basics

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Roberto Caporuscio and Tony Gemiganai Make Pizza at Keste, NYC 10/19/17

Roberto Caporuscio and Tony Gemignani
Make pizza in New York city at
Keste Pizza and Vino
66 Gold Street
New York City
For reservations call:

Keste website:
Tony's Pizza Napoletana

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Mark Bello Makes New York Style Pizza at Pizza Expo

In this video Mark Bello of Pizza A Casa demonstrates how to make New York Pizza at Pizza Expo

Mark explains he created the pizza dough in his hotel room. He states empahtically that "Las Vegas tap" water makes great pizza.

Mark goes through every step to create pizza. He used a dough press to stretch the dough. This was amazing in itself. I never thought a machine would give a real dough stretch, but this machine totally proved me wrong. You can check out this amazing invention in the first few minutes of the video,.

Mark starts to create the pizza using a spoodle to measure out the sauce he uses on his pizza. This device gives excellent portion control and allows you to use just the correct amount of sauce.

He used

-6 ounces of sauce
- 8 ounces of cheese
- 16 ounces of dough
and a sprinkling of Romano Cheese

You can find out more about Mark and Pizza A Casa at:

Pizza A Casa. The following explains the Pizza A Casa philosophy.
Simply translated from Italian, “pizza a casa” means “pizza at home”. But it’s so much more than that.  It’s a social happening that brings people closer together, united in the love of creating and sharing good food.
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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Ali Haider 786 Degrees Pizza, on Halal, Kosher and His Pizza Journey

The following interview is with Ali Haider from 786 degrees
in Sun Valley California.
Ali describes how his pizza journey took him to Naples and
inspired him to create his own pizzeria.

He also explains the spiritual meaning of 786 degrees, the
meaning of Halal as well as some of the celebrities who come in eat his pizza…

You can visit his website at:

Here is a great resource for cooking:

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Update: Pizzapalooza 9/10/17 Pizza Festival MGM National Harbor

In addition to the food experts and pizza professionals mentioned in my last
Pizzapalooza video:
Also in attendance will be Lenny Rago, Co-owner of Panino’s.
That means both Rago brothers, Lenny and Gino will be there.
Add to this list Jonathan Goldmsith owner of Spacca Napoli, also from Chicago
And Special Guest, Pizza expert Scott Wiener of Scotts Pizza Tours explained to me he will be going
Who knows who else will show up to the
Sun, September 10, 2017
3:00 PM – 8:00 PM
MGM National Harbor
Potomac Plaza at MGM National Harbor
Oxon Hill, MD 20745

For more information go to:
and scroll down the page…
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Pizza on earth, good will to all!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Review: How to Plan A Pizza Tour Part 1 by Scott Wiener in Pizza Quest

This is a video review of Scott’s Weiner’s article in Peter
Reinhart’s Pizza Quest on How to Do a Pizza Crawl… Scott Wiener is a pizza
historian as well as the founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours
I have had the honor of sharing some pizzas with Scott over
the years and his advice his recommendations are pure gold.
Scott explains the every city he goes he does intel on the
pizza scene
Step 1)
Create a Pizzeria
Hit List… to determine his list Scott uses social media site face book and
Figure out where you
want to go.. You may want to limit your crawl to the top 3 or 4…
Setup 2: Check Pizzeria Details 
Check the pizzerias website for the days and times they are
Step 3: Create a
Figure out how you
are going to go to each pizzeria
Step 4: Create a Schedule
Scott explains some helpful tips on scheduling  your crawl..
5: Invite Your Pizza Buddies
magic of pizza is multiplied when you share pizza with friends and family…and
you will definitely meet some new friends along the way…

6 Execute
Scott explains to work out some of the details ahead of time as to what you
order and how many pizzas..

he explains: this is pizza so you need to have fun.

can read this incredible article at:
Reinhart’s Pizza Quest.
go to:

or go here:

you can find out more about Scott Weiner and his incredible pizza exploits at:
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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Mikes Hot Honey for Pizza at Pizza Expo

This is an interview with Mike Kurtz of Mike's Hot Honey. Mike tells the story of how he developed his product. The story strats with a trip to Brazil where he had pizza with honey infused with Brazilian Pizzas. After much experimentation he devloped Mikes Hot Honey.
Mikes website: Mikes podcast:
Pizza Therapy website:
Here is the web post where I review Mike's Hot Honey

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

John Arena | A Slice of Community

John Arena is an icon in the Las Vegas pizza industry. Watch how he talks about the ingredients and passion that goes into every pizza which unites the community around him. He not only feeds bodies but souls.

Chris Bianco's latest book:

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pietro's Pizza, Best Pizza on Kauai, Interview with Tom at Pizza Expo

In this video I speak with Tom Ianucci of Pietro’s Pizza on Kauai.
The interview was recorded at Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. Tom who is also a Pastor, explains how his journey with pizza started over 30 years ago when he moved to Kauai and could find no great pizza. Tom took it upon himself to not only lear about making pizza but how to start a pizza business. 
Tommy Iannucci moved to Kauai in the 80’s and was distressed to find he could not get a decent slice of his favorite food: pizza.

He went on a pizza quest and made the commitment to learn to make great pizza. At first it was at home in his kitchen, then he built a brick oven in his driveway. He began by making pizza for friends, family, neighbors and anyone else who loved pizza. He made lots of pizzas and most importantly he shared them.
Not satisfied with his skills, he traveled the world learning the craft. As Tommy explains he visited known and unknown pizzerias. He trained in New York, Rome, Las Vegas and even trained in Naples under pizza 
The pizza business part started at Pizza Expo…let’s get his story….

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Chris Bianco & Aziz Ansari Make Pizza

30 years in the making, a great chef named Chris Bianco has written a great book about making great pizza at home.

 His very funny friend Aziz Ansari is obsessed with learning how to make the perfect pizza so Chris shows him how. Aziz learns that you shouldn’t necessarily follow a recipe - and that repetition, feeling, and great ingredients are vital to making a great pizza.

The book is called Bianco: Pizza, Pasta, and Other Food I Like. Buy it and you can be great too.

Get Chris's book here: