Thursday, August 17, 2017

9 Pizza Making Tips for Making Great Pizza

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Neapolitan Pizza Workflow

Here is a great video about making and stretching Neapolitan pizza dough.

You can watch as the pizziolo stretched the dough and gently pulls it to get the right shape.

You do not want to use a rolling pin to form your pizza dough.

Watch the hand movements in this video which will help you get a good technique to work with the dough.

The pizza maker also reminds you to use a clean surface when you work the dough. You do not want anything on your surface. You need to make sure it is very clean.

This video shows the proper technique to work the pizza dough.

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Just when you thought things could not get any stranger...these two guys have an entire lobster placed on a pizza...

And the very strange thing is they did not take it out of the shell first...

Well you'll just have to see this for yourself and let me know what you think...

It does look very good!

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Pietro's Pizza, Kauai, Hawaii, Best Pizza on Kauai

If you are
looking for great pizza on Kauai, you need to check out Pietro’s Pizza.
They are
located at the Harbor Mall in Lihue on 3501 Rice Street.

You can
discover a wide variety of New York style pizza as well as authentic Neapolitan
pizza cooked in an actual wood fired oven. Pietro’s is the first (and as far as
I know), only certified Neapolitan pizzeria in the entire state of Hawaii.

I recommend
the Don, which is an authentic New York style pizza.
I was
astounded at the taste of this simple cheese slice. Hey I thought I was in New
Don’t limit
yourself to just one taste as there are many other pizza asventures to choose
from: Maybe you want to sample a cousin of the Don, The Don Ho which is made
with Portuguese sausage and kalua pig.  Or maybe another relative: the Don Pietro:
straight, pepperoni which as you know is an American classic.

In my
experience a pizza place is only as good as the pizza maker or pizzaiolo who
lovingly creates the
[FB1]  pizza by hand.

Iannucci moved to Kauai in the 80’s and was distressed to find he could not get
a decent slice of his favorite food: pizza.
He went on a
pizza quest and made the commitment to learn to make great pizza. At first it
was at home in his kitchen, then he built a brick oven in his driveway. He began
by making pizza for friends, family, neighbors and anyone else who loved pizza.
  He made lots of pizzas and most
importantly he shared them.

satisfied with his skills, he traveled the world learning the craft. As Tommy
explains he visited known and unknown pizzerias. He trained in New York, Rome,
Las Vegas and even trained in Naples under pizza master Enzo Croccia. The result of his quest was to bring great pizza to
the Island of Kauai and create his own pizzeria.
Tommy named
Pietro’s Pizza after his grandfather and brother. They are both sadly gone but
their spirit and love of all things Italian and pizza lives on at Pietro’s.
Now you too,
can enjoy a little slice of New York and authentic Neapolitan pizza on the
beautiful Island of Kauai.

Check out
Pietro’s at the 
Harbor Mall in Lihue, 
3051 Rice Street. 
The phone number is
(808) 245-2266. 
Open daily 11:00 AM until 9:00 PM Monday through Saturday. Love
Life, Eat Pizza, 
Have Fun at Pietro’s Pizza.

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Pizza Therapy videos, please subscribe. “Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!”

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Forno Bravo: Wood fired Ovens, Free Pizza Resources at Pizza Expo

Meet Tim Cole of Forno Bravo. He explains the services offered by Forn Bravo. In addition to selling wood fired ovens they sponsor Peter Reinhart's Pizza Quest, run a community forum and even give free oven plans to build your own wood fired oven.

Discover Forno Bravo at:

Peter Reinhart's Pizza Quest can be found at this link:

Here is the link to Peter Reinhart's Pizza Quest:

You can find the free Forno Bravo Pizza Book with lots of pizza recipes here:

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Vito of Stella's Pizza Pie: Ups and Downs of a Mobile Pizza Business


This is a video interview with Vito of Stella's Pizza Pie located in San Diego, California. The interview took place at Pizza Expo

Vito explains how he got into the pizza business as well some of the success and failure he experienced. Vito is the owner of Stella's Pizza Pie which is a mobile pizza business. He is able to take his pizza oven anywhere, and is actually a rolling pizza party on Wheels.

Vito purchased his mobile pizza oven from The Fire Within. The oven is a Forno Bravo oven.

Find out more about Pizza Expo at:

The Fire Within:

Forno Bravo

Legends of Pizza

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Bread Workshop with John Arena and Peter Reinhart at Pizza Expo

This is an excerpt of a bread workshop presented by Peter Reinhart and John Arena.
This was a hands on demo as well as a presentation. Peter and John explain that if you make pizza you can easily make artisan bread without to much of a change in formula.
They also explain the importance of using bakers per cents when you make bread and pizza. The fact is that when both started making bread and pizza for their businesses they used measurement instead of weight. Using bakers per cents instead of weight gives you much more consistency in your final product.
This workshop was presented at Pizza Expo 2017. For more information go to:
John revealed to me both he and Peter will be back again at Pizza Expo with another workshop.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Prairie Fire Pizza On Pizza Expo and 650 Pizzas in One Night

This is an interview video recorded at Pizza Expo about JJ who is the owner of Prairie Fire Pizza...

 Prairie Fire Pizza located in Omaha Nebraska.

JJ runs a wood fired pizza portable pizza business in Omaha and has experienced lots of success.

He purchased his oven from The Fire With-in.

JJ talks about making pizza in Omaha Nebraska as a mobile pizza operator. He also discusses the impact Pizza Expo had on his pizza business.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Pizza T-shirt: In Pizza We Crust Pizza

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How to Control Correct Temperature for a Neapolitan Pizza

This is a wonderful video by Vito on how to control the oven temperature when you are cooking Neapolitan Pizza.

Vito explains you need to look at the color of the brick to make sure it is white rather than black.

This will ensure an even temperature of the oven. You want ot make sure the bricks are not black as this will indicate the temperature is to low to cook Neapolitan pizza.

You also want to look at the floor temperature of the oven.

For this I would recommend a digital infrared thermometer. I have one and while I do not have a wood fired pizza oven I use it to check out the temperature of my baking steel:

Here is the laser thermometer I use,

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