Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Phone Call with Chris Bianco of Bianco's Pizzeria

The phone rang a few days before Christmas. I said, "Hello".

"Albert, this is Chris Bianco."

"Hey Chris, how are you doing?"

"Fine, fine. I just wanted to say, thanks Albert. I appreciate all of the work you are doing. I liked the way Legends of Pizza turned out".

I was humbled. Here is one of the finest pizzaiolo in the country, calling me up to say "thanks".
Chris as usual was easy to talk with. I had to ask him about his recent appearance on Oprah.(I had discussed his appearance in the November 2006 issue of Pizza News.)

I can't remember his exact words, but basically, he told me it was no big deal.
Hey, if I ever show up on Oprah, I may give you my autograph. Maybe.

But not Chris Bianco. Chris Bianco is one of the most modest people on the planet. It doesn't matter to him that he was featured on the most popular television show in the World. It really does not, matter. He just wants to do what he does best, make pizza. He is a true pizzaiolo, a role model and wonderful person.

We had an amazing conversation. He shared more of his pizza philosophy with me. Thank you Chris. I am honored and again, humbled.

I am very proud of Legends of Pizza. The interview with Chris Bianco contained in Legends of Pizza Volume 1, is fantastic.

Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

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Albert Grande

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