Saturday, March 24, 2007

Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and 2 e-Book®

Albert Grande, of proudly announces the release of:

Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and 2 e-Book®

You will learn all of the inside secrets and pizza tales in this exclusive e-Book.

This e-Book is for anyone who ever enjoyed a pizza.
If you are in the pizza business, you need to claim a copy.
If you make pizza, you need to get a copy.
If you love pizza, you will love:
Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and 2 e-Book®

These historical conversations were released as CD and downloads as part of
The Legends of Pizza Volume 1
The Legends of Pizza Volume 2

Now these same pizza discussions have been transcribed and bundled into an e-Book.

You can unlock the pizza secrets and feel the pizza passion of six celebrated pizzaiolo.

Unlock the secrets shared by conversations with:

Brian Spangler
Tony Gemignani
Ed LaDou
Peter Reinhart
Gary Bimonte
Chris Bianco

I spoke to Chris Bianco recently.
Chris Bianco is the most celebrated Pizzaiolo in the United States.
He was sought after by Galye King, (Oprah's best friend) for an episode of Oprah, about pizza.

I asked Chris Bianco about his recent appearance on Oprah.

"Chris" I said " I just saw you on Oprah..."

"Yeah," he answered "No big deal..."

And you know, to Chris Bianco, it was no big deal. Not at all.

What matters most to Chris, is making pizza,
not being on the The Oprah Winfrey Show.

This is the attitude that shines through in:

Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and 2 e-Book®

Here is an excerpt from the e-Book:

" ...All I’ve every tried to do is do something that has a sense of dignity on a daily basis...When you do it 250 times and your world is on fire and the sweat’s going down your face and your fingers are burning and your knuckles are banging and you get mobbed for ten hours straight and people are screaming at you and they waited three hours and they want to see what all the hypes about and you are doing your best to deliver on that, it’s a different animal... "

Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco (located in Phoenix, Arizona)
in Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and 2 e-Book®

I am very please with how this e-Book turned out.
Claim your copy and let me know what you think.

As always,
pizza on earth,

Albert Grande

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