Thursday, April 12, 2007

"I'm Going to Hollywood, Baby...": Jimmy Kimmel Wants My Pizza...

Jimmy Kimmel Contemplates pizzatherapy.comI was shocked when I read the email. C'mon: Things like this only happen in movies and on TV, but not in real life.

Here is the email that made me fall out of my chair:

"Hi Guys

We're the writer's on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live. Just saw you on the Travel Channel. Best looking of all the pizzas they showed. We're constantly debating the best pizzas. Any chance you guys ship your pies? Would love to hook Jimmy up with some.

Thanks and great work!

Tony Barbieri"

I read the email in total disbelief.

Now first of all, these guys saw me on the Travel Channel. "Amazing," I thought, "simply amazing. I don't even remember being on the Travel Channel, but if these TV guys saw me, well, it must be true!"

Secondly, I had the best looking pizza!

Finally, they wanted me to ship a pizza to Jimmy Kimmel. Now, I can't say I watch Jimmy Kimmel all of the time, but I do know who he is. If he wants me to ship him a pizza, well, no problem! I mean, really: my pizza is good, but I didn't think it was that good.

However, I am more than happy to make pizza for Jimmy Kimmel and "hook him up!"

Or maybe, Jimmy Kimmel and his staff, had seen my article about Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, where I offered to make Gayle a pizza. No matter, I was ready. (Read about the Gayle King pizza here.)

I started to make my pizza. I was in pizza overdrive mode!

As I was letting the dough rise, I decided to check my email. There was another message from Tony Barbieri:

"Subject: disregard last email
Just saw you guys are not affiliated."

Wait, there had to be some mistake. You mean to tell me, I was NOT on the
Travel Channel?

I fired off an email..."Say it ain't so, Tony! You're telling me, I wasn't on the Travel Channel? You don't want me to ship my pizza to Jimmy Kimmel? Who were you trying to get in touch with?
Was it Sally's, Pepe's or some other pizzeria?"

Tony responded:

Easy, pal. It's all good. It was the one in New Haven. Already contacted them.
Tony B"

I was devastated. I went from being on the Travel Channel and having my pizza debut on national television, to being a nobody. Just another lonely pizza maker, silently kneading my dough.

From hero to zero, in one little email...

Well that's OK. I finished making my pizza, and let me tell you, it wasn't that bad.

Who knows, maybe my next pizza will show up on the Today Show, or Jay Leno or David Letterman... I know Rachael Ray likes pizza and so does Emeril...

Of course, I do have that standing offer to Gayle King to make pizza for her and Oprah...

Maybe it's time for Doctor Phil to tackle a couple of slices of pizza... Possibly Judge Judy is a pizza fan...

pizza on earth,

Albert Grande
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