Saturday, April 21, 2007

Does Pepe's Deliver? The Truth About Pepe's Delivery Revealed

Over the lifetime of I have received countless questions about pizza.

These include dough problems, pizza peel issues, the best flour to use, does water make a difference in pizza. Where is the best pizza? Do I favor Chicago Deep Dish pizza over New York pizza? I want to start a pizza business...where do I start? How do make 100 pizzas at a time, can you help? (Yes: go here.) Who makes the best pizza?

Pizza fanatics write to me, asking if I know the inside secrets of the pizza from their favorite pizzeria. They want to know if I can help them recreate a certain pizza. Pizza fans want to know about pizza!

You get the idea.

I also get lots of questions asking if I know the true secret of Pepe's on Wooster Street, in New Haven, Connecticut. (You can read some of the many comments sent to me here.) People of course, are also interested in Sally's Apizza also located on Wooster Street.

I always tell them: if I knew the real secret of Pepe's or Sally's, I would open my own Pizza Therapy Pizzeria. If the truth be told, I make pizza. I think it is good pizza. But if my pizza was that good, I would have my own pizza shop.

You need to understand, New Haven pizza fans are a different breed of pizza fanatics. They are their own sub-species of pizza lovers. They not just passionate about New Haven (Wooster Street Pizza). They are obsessed.

I would estimate I have fielded hundreds of questions, over the years. (And yes, I answer each one...)

The number one question out numbers all other questions by about 10 to 0ne! Here is the number 1 question, I have gotten:

"Does Pepe's Deliver?"

The questions go something like this: I live in Arizona, Washington, San Francisco, Florida, Michigan, South Carolina....

"Does Pepe's Deliver?"

I want to send Pepe's to my wife, boyfriend, boss, dad, cousin, best friend:

"Does Pepe's Deliver?"

I always say, if you want Pepe's pizza you need to go to Pepe's.

That has always been my answer: until now.

I just got an email and picture from Gary Bimonte, co-owner of Pepe's. The picture is above.

Here is what Gary said:

"Aloha albert ,
Who said pepe's doesn't deliver ?
well for a price anyway...
we made a recently delivery to yale , 75 pizza's.....
hope all is well !!! :) gary "

So the answer is:

if you go to Yale, (located in New Haven) and you order 75 pizzas...

Pepe's delivers...

Be well and laugh often...

pizza on earth,

Albert Grande
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