Thursday, May 10, 2007

"How to Make Pizza..." from Franz

After answering countless pizza questions, sending out dozens of newsletters (Pizza News), creating a Best Pizza in the World section (Best Pizza in the World) and a Pizza and Pasta Forum, you just wonder if anyone is listening.

Then you get an email, that slaps you in the face and reminds you why you started this whole pizza website to begin with:

"Hi Albert

This is Franz, I want to thank you for your pizza dough recipe. I made my first pizza. Three small 10 inch round to be exact. I made some changes in the recipe. I used whole wheat flour and yeast.

I had to laugh because I had never cooked with yeast before. When I put the yeast, sugar and warm water together , the yeast began rising out of the cup before I could get everything together. I said to my wife look at that. I wish our love life could rise that fast. My wife thought it was funny and laugh.

Several hours later I rolled out the dough and and placed it in three pie pans. I put pizza sauce low calory cheese and pepperoni on it. I didn't think I was going to like it because of the whole wheat.

Man that pizza was good.

It turned out great. I'm trying to eat right and lose a few pounds. I heard that whole wheat is good for you. That is why I tried the whole wheat flour. I have made whole wheat bread, banana nut bread. Thank you for sharing your recipes. I find myself cooking more and trying out new recipes. My family really likes my cooking. Thanks again. "

Thank you Franz. You really made my day.

And thanks for reminding me, making pizza is what it's all about!

pizza on earth,

Albert Grande

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