Monday, July 09, 2007

Good Pizza, Great Pizza...

Albert's Pepperoni Pizza

During the last couple of weeks, I had a chance to sample some great pizza. Pepe's and Sally's Apizza, (Wooster Street, New Haven, Connecticut) did not disappoint me. They were fantastic, as usual.

On one of my adventures, I stumbled into a pizza joint. The family was busy shopping, so I took it upon myself to check out a new pizza place.

The pizza looked good. The crust looked good. The taste was OK. It was not the best pizza I ever had, and it wasn't the worst. It was good pizza.

I agree with Peter Reinhart who says there are two types of pizza: good pizza and great pizza.

In some ways pizza is relative,: had I not just had Pepe's or Sally's, I might have rated this pizza much higher. Pepe's and Sally's make great pizza. Anywhere in the pizza universe, this pizza may have been a solid 8 or 9. After Pepe's and Sally's, I would rate it a 6 or 7...

Sometimes you can't get great pizza. Sometimes good, is good enough...

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