Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pizza Therapy in Action

I am regularly reminded why I created the website:
Pizza Therapy.
I wanted to share some of the joy, my friends and I received, when my Dad (Big Al), would mke pizza for us. I'm sure my Dad would be very proud.
He is a recent email from my friend, Jaime:

"Albert, my family - Grandpa, Grandpa, my sisters, my brothers, nieces, nephew, in-laws, husband, my two kids and some friends
all had their hand in pizza and calzone making last night.
There were 20 of us all together from age 1 - 74.

Master kamado Chef David had the kamado cooking up our pizza's and calzones just right. Here's some pictures of our "Pizza in Palisades Night". Everyone just loved your recipe for the pizza crust!"
Here is a picture of a kamado (a type of Japanese grill):

Thanks, Jaime.
Now that's what I'm talking about: Pizza Therapy in action!
Pizza on Earth,

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