Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pepe's Opens New Pizzeria: Manchester, Connecticut

I got an email from my friend Gary Bimonte, co-owner of Pepe's Pizzeria Napolentana.
Gary was featured on Legends of Pizza, Volume 1. He explained how his grandfather, Frank Pepe created the legendary clam pizza.

Gary was excited to give me the news that Pepe's had opened another pizzeria in Manchester, Connecticut.

Here is the address: 221 Buckland Hills Drive, Manchester, CT. The phone number is: 860-644-7333.

Pepe's has always been a family owned operation and it continues to be a family operation.
During my Legends of Pizza, Volume 1., interview, Gary discussed how the family had decided to take Pepe's in a different direction. Pepe's opened it's first restaurant outside of New Haven in Fairfield, Connecticut. It was an immediate success. Lines were out the door with loyal customers screaming for more pizza.

For over 80 years, Pepe's Pizza, was limited to Wooster Street, in New Haven. Then suddenly they were in Fairfield. Now they have expanded to Manchester.

One of the best features about Pepe's is their coal fired oven. Would there be a coal fired oven at the Fairfield and Manchester locations?

Gary answered this in Legends of Pizza, Volume 1. The answer was a resounding yes.

Pepe's is one of the only restaurants in the state of Connecticut that is able to be grandfathered in. The state has allowed Pepe's to install brand new coal fired ovens.

Good luck, Gary and family. I want to wish you the absolute best. I know the pizzas will continue to be incredible and unforgettable!

For more information on Pepe's, please visit their brand new website, at this link:

A priceless feature on the Pepe's home page is a video of Frank Pepe making pizza! Also, make sure you go to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) There you will find an answer to the most asked question at Pizza Therapy:

Does Pepe's deliver? The answer is no...
(There are exceptions to every rule: Read this archived post: Does Pepe's Deliver?)

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