Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007: A Strange Year for Pizza News

Its been a strange year filled with Pizza News and Weird Pizza Mis-Adventures.

The year started with a phone call from Chris Bianco, of Pizzeria Bianco, who had just been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

It seems like I kept having more unusual pizza adventures, in 2007.

I was contacted by Jimmy Kimmel's staff and for about 5 minutes, I thought I was on my way to Hollywood to make pizza. No kidding!

I took Nine Time World Pizza Champ, Tony Gemignani to lunch in Honolulu...

Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and 2 was released as an e-book. That was good news.

The Big Green Pizza Truck shared a Recipe for Pizza and other pizza secrets. More good news.

I had a very revealing Interview with Jay Vogler from Pizza on Earth in Vermont...

I reviewed Rachael Ray's pizza smackdown as she took on the pizza fanatics of Chicago and New York.

I got into this incredible controversy about Vino's vs. Gino's in Little Rock, Arkansas.

I announced how Nine time World Pizza Champion, Tony Gemignani, blew away the Italians at their own pizza Naples, no less!

I discovered a secret pizza petition for a National Pizza Party, started by Matt Baldwin. The party would be held every Leap Year.

Let me explain: Matt's proposal is that everyone would get the day off. Pizza would be served in local community centers. Each citizen would be entitled to three slices of pizza and a soft drink. Remember, 2008 is a Leap Year. It may not be to late to revitalize Pizza Party U.S.A.

I also discussed Cono-Pizza. Really, don't ask. This is a show and don't tell!

I review all this pizza news and more pizza happenings, at this page:

Pizza News 2007

pizza on earth, good will to all...

Albert Grande


Gale Rainwater said...

Wow to bad you didn't get on Jimmy Kemmel. That would be really fun

pizzatherapy said...

Unfortunately it was a simple case of mistaken identity.
pizza on earth!