Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pizza Videos....and The Pizza Museum...

Teach me how to make pizza and I'll feed my family...
Show me how to make pizza and I'll feed the world!

With the countless pizza videos out there, I thought I would create some pages that would have pizza videos all the time. That's right 24-7. Nothing but videos about pizza.

You will be amazed at the amount of content that really does exist just about pizza.

Here is the link:

And your right, all the videos are not just about making pizza.
But the content is all pizza related.

Also I have been getting lots of negative press about
The Pizza Therapy Pizza Museum.

Yes, it does exist. Yes, it has not been completed, yet.
Yes, there really is a Homer Simpson pizza cutter (pizza wheeel).

You can discover some of the priceless artifacts contained in the museum.

The Museum will be opening no time soon, in an undisclosed location, right in your neighborhood.

Go there now and have a peek inside:
The Pizza Therapy Pizza Museum.

That's all the Pizza News for Now....

Pizza on Earth,

Albert Grande

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