Sunday, March 16, 2008

Why the Surefire Success System is like pizza.

Everybody knows pizza. I am sure there is no disagreement there.

Not everyone knows about Luke Parker's Surefire Success System. I hope to change that right now.

To make a good pizza you need a good dough, or if you will, a good foundation.

Surefire Success System offers a very solid foundation for you (or anybody), to learn how to make money on the Internet. And I mean anybody. This program is geared for newbies as well as expert marketers.

You need to work your pizza. Pizza doesn't just happen, there is work involved. The rewards are great, however.

Surefire Success System is not different. To be a success you need to work it. The rewards here can be great as well. Very great.

You need top quality ingredients. If you skimp on this part your pizzas will just be terrible.

Surefire Success System has wonderful ingredients inside. As a matter of fact, you may call Surefire Success System a recipe for success.

For great pizza, a hot oven, with a consistent temperature is essential.

Surefire Success System has a hot oven in the form of a very supportive community. This community is consistent, and always very, very HOT.

Finally to really make incredible pizza, your pizza must come from the heart. You must make your pizza with soul.

Luke Parker, has done just that. He has put his heart and soul into Surefire Success System

I recommend Surefire Success System without hesitation or reservation.

It is the absolute best way for anyone who sincerely wants to succeed on-line.

pizza on the Surefire Success System ,

Albert Grande

PS Go there now: Surefire Success System


Sbox318 said...

Hey... you forgot CONVENIENCE. People buy pizza cause it's one of the most convenient foods ever invented.

Is your system convenient (easy to follow, easy to use)?

I guess there is one inconvenient aspect of PIZZA delivery and that's GETTING RID OF THE BOX!

But other than that - not much more!

I came across something the other day and since you seem like a pizza afficianado and expert - maybe you can supply an opinion.

I'm working with a marketing agency on a particular product that may be interesting to you and your subscribers. (maybe now)... Google has rated this product "the best pizza box on the planet".. I typed it in and sure enough there's this commercial of a real cool pizza box - not yet in distribution. There's a real cool marketing promotion ongoing at...

Very interesting.

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