Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Dad Invented Pizza Therapy

Albert Grande, The Mushroom King and Master Pizzaiolo

My Dad Albert Grande, knew Italian food and Italian recipes. There was one thing he made better than anything else: pizza.

When I was a teenager, my dad would bring home dough from a bakery, spread it out on a cookie sheet, smoosh on some stewed tomatoes along with garlic, cheese, basil, oregano and pepperoni. He would pop it in the oven and about 20 minutes later the best pizza in the world would come out.

He sometimes made it when my friends were over and developed a reputation for making great pizza. My friends would ask for it regularly and my dad was more than happy to oblige.

I soon realized that although the pizza was wonderful, it wasn't the pizza alone that brought my friends over. The pizza really became the basis for discussions about philosophy, values, and life in general. The event was a stepping stone for an evening of jokes and arguments about what was important in our lives.

I started making pizza from scratch over 20 years ago. My best efforts always involved other people and young people in particular. As I directed them in pizza making, they were incredulous. Kids love the art of turning raw ingredients into a finished product.

After several pizza adventures, I began to understand what my father had been doing all those years ago. Making pizza is not only a wonderful meal, but there is magic with each step of the process. Mixing ingredients, kneading the dough, creating the pizza and baking, is a great activity. Share that experience with others and you will hear music!

When you make pizza, you will also be touched by the magic of transforming dough, tomatoes, and cheese into a memorable event.

The event is called Pizza Therapy!

However you decide to make your pizza, you will be pleased with your final product and the road you took to get there. You'll be surprised at how many friends you can make while creating pizza.

Your friends will praise you!
Your kids will love you!

Happy Father's Day, Dad.
I miss you very much.

Pizza On Earth,

Albert Grande


Mairgold Fennick said...

Love the story. It's really sweet and one of the few things you'll find on the internet that isn't saucy in a bad way, if you permit the pun. I wish more people talked of those types of experiences. Maybe if after your book goes through more dialogues will open up. I'm looking forward to reading it myself and we'll pick up a copy as soon as i can find one. congratulations and thanks again.

pizzatherapy said...

Thanks so much Marigold.

I greatly appreciate your comments.
This post came from my heart and was easy to write.

As far as a book, the only book I have written so far an e-book called The Pizza Therapy Book It's a book of pizza recipes.

But you never know, maybe I do have a book or two in me...

pizza on earth,