Tuesday, June 24, 2008

World Pizza Champions Win Gold

Bruno Di Fabio in training

The World Pizza Champions compete at the International level.

As a member of the Team, your training is difficult. Your training requires a major commitment. Competition is fierce.

All of the training recently paid off for an amazing group of pizzaiolos.

The World Pizza Champions won the gold in every acrobatic category at the World Pizza Cup in Naples, Italy.
Bruno Di Fabio won the gold in both the Fastest and Largest categories.

Justin Wadstein won the Gold in the Single Acrobatic category and the Silver in the Fastest Category.

Tony Gemignani was presented by the city of Naples The Campione of the World Pizza Cup as the Pizzaiolo of the Year.

Congratulations, Bruno. Congratulations Tony.

We salute you.

pizza on earth,

albert grande
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