Saturday, August 23, 2008

Food Buzz Bloggers Chow Down at Tokkuri Tei

I had a wonderful experience this week at a fantastic Japanese restaurant in Honolulu (Tokkuri Tei, 611 Kapahulu Ave Honolulu, HI 96815 (808) 739-2800).

Softshell Crab Roll with Ikura (Salmon Roe)

Believe me the food was top notch. Incredible dishes, of sushi, sashimi, delicate morsels of all manner of Japanese cuisine. But it wasn't the food.

Various dishes were literally being thrown at our table by the minute. sometimes several in a minute. We ate family style, which allowed us to sample an amazing array of all manner of tastes and textures. But it wasn't about the incredible tastes.

The ambiance was pleasant and comfortable. The wait staff were attentive and energetic. But it really had nothing to do with the restaurant itself.

It was all about the company. As a featured publisher on Food Buzz, I was invited to get together with several other food bloggers to network, discuss food and enjoy a meal together.

Call it Sushi Therapy. Sushi Therapy is when friends get together eat sushi, and synergy happens.

Nate and Annie were the hosts of the event. Together their blog serves food insights, reviews and recipes at House of Annie. Their blog boasts, "a culinary journey from East to West to find flavors both old and new." Both were extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. Annie is originally from Malaysia, while Nate is a Hawaii boy.

Michele, was also there. Her passion is food. Her blog is, The Accidental Scientist. She explained that "along the course of writing and researching my dissertation, I gained an insatiable appetite for eating, drinking and learning everything I could about food and wine."

Rounding out our dinner party was Deb. Her blog is called Kahakai Kitchen. Kahakai is Hawaiian for beach. Deb loves to spend time at the beach and in the kitchen. Her blog is about "cooking, eating and living in paradise." Her blog adds insight to the entire Hawaiian experience.

I was honored to meet some incredible people, ate wonderful food and discovered a new restaurant in my hometown. What could possibly be better than that?


Michelle said...

Hi Albert! And it was so wonderful to meet you, too! It was such a great experience with great food and great people, and we should definitely have to get together and do it again sometime. Thanks for the tips on getting to the highway too - you made it easy! I finally have a computer again (whew) so expect to see me *buzzing* around to say hello!

Debinhawaii said...

It was great to get to meet you and hang out over some great food the other night!

Nate-n-Annie said...

Hi Albert,

I thank you again for adding your great stories and spice to our dinner! Don't forget to send me your interview questions!