Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Pizza Recipe from

Here is a Turkey Pizza Recipe, sent from my friend Jeff from Canada, I wanted to share.

Jeff writes:

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you and all your readers. Here's to all my friends looking forward to making a delicious turkey gourmet pizza. Here goes:


perfect dough, Find a dough recipe here.
2 hrs room temp rested after 24 hrs in fridge,
soft and ready to roll out , large 16"

full bodied red tomato pizza sauce,
(Albert's side bar: You can use stewed tomatoes, use fresh tomatoes
or try this basic red sauce.)
oregano and basil flavored
a little garlic olive oil on dough before sauce
mozzarella cheese
oven roasted turkey
roasted red peppers,
feta cheese last on top ,
Note: Beautiful color combination

4 min at 600 degrees,
spun for another 4 times
rotating to get best hot spots in commercial Bakers Pride oven
finished at 10 minutes making sure bottom is toasty brown indicating cooked work of art
cut into 10 all for me :):):)
and of course
a big glass of red (wine)

My response:

This is truly a wonderful blend of tastes and visually appealing ingredients.
Thanks for sharing this, Jeff.

pizza on earth, and especially Canada,

Albert Grande

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