Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bulding A Pizza Oven

If you ever thought about building a pizza oven in your backyard this video is for you.

You will discover step by step the entire process. You will see how the pizza oven is built brick by brick.

It really is poetry in motion.

The owner explains the oven was built with help of his grandfather, Ronnie Swan, in 3days. He was able to get some assistance from local artisans who shared the workload.

This oven is used quite a bit to make pizza on a regular basis.

If you are interested in seeing the pizza oven in person you can go to:
17 westmoreland street, glasgow.

You can find the website at this address:

I wonder if they know Master Pizziolo, Domenico Crolla?

Here is a very useful resource for learning more about cooking with an outdoor oven. A wood fired oven is the way to discover pizza perfection:

pizza on earth, and in your back yard,

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CHRIS CANN said...

wow never knew it took so much work to make one, nice vid though, peace cc

pizzatherapy said...

I agree, Chris.

I really couldn't beleive it...

I'm just hoping to get a taste of this pizza....