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Why You Should Make Your Own Pizza

A Portobello and Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza from Pizza Therapy

Pizza is a universal food. Originally confined to Italian neighborhoods, pizza has now become mainstream. Travel anywhere in the world and you will be able to find some type of pizza.

As noted bread baker Peter Reinhart explained to me: “Pizza is the perfect flavor delivery system.” Pizza is the ultimate comfort food.

With a little practice, you can easily make your own delicious home made pizza.

Here are four reasons why you should make your own pizza.

1) Making pizza is easy. With the basic tools found in any kitchen, you will be able to make pizza dough. All pizza dough follows the same basic pattern. Mix flour with yeast, water and salt. Some pizza dough recipes call for oil, however this may be omitted. (I use olive oil in my recipe, but this is a matter of preference.)
There are many wonderful pizza dough recipes available to you. You need to find one that you like and will satisfy your own taste.

2) Making pizza is healthy. Since you are making your own pizza, you have total control over the ingredients used. I encourage you to use the freshest ingredients available. The old standards, pepperoni, sausage, tomato sauce, and various cheeses make excellent toppings for pizza.
There are many vegetables that can be used for pizza as well including fresh garlic, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, onions, mushrooms and zucchini. Fresh seafood such as shrimp and clams can also compliment your pizza. Experiment. You will create new taste sensations. You are only limited to your imagination when deciding what to put on your pizza.

3) You will save lots of money. You will be amazed at how economical it is to make your own pizza. The actual price of putting together a quality pizza at home is much cheaper than buying pizza at a pizzeria. One way to save money is by purchasing ingredients on sale.

You can multiply your savings by obtaining items in bulk at a food discount warehouse. For example some items like mozzarella cheese can be purchased in bulk. Use what you need, and freeze the rest to be used the next time you make pizza. The savings of buying your pizza ingredients in bulk is substantial.

4) Making pizza is fun. Pizza can be a wonderful group activity. When you make pizza, you can get everyone around you involved in some part of the process. Pizza is also an enjoyable family activity. All kids love making pizza. Pizza is a fun activity which can be enjoyed not only by families but by singles as well. When you make pizza, you make magic happen.

Still not convinced you can make your own pizza? Here are some steps you can take, to painlessly, create your own pizza.

Start with a frozen pizza shell purchased at a supermarket. This is a good way to begin to learn how to make your own pizza. You are in complete control of what toppings you will use.

The next step is to purchase fresh pizza dough from a bakery or pizzeria. This will give you good experience in working with dough and shaping your pizza.

Making pizza like this will allow you invaluable experience.Finally, you can try making your own dough from scratch. Making dough may seem difficult at first, but will get easier and easier over time.
You can find a link box to get a free copy of my pizza dough at the end of this article.Without much effort, you will be making healthy pizza, saving money and having a lot of fun.
The hardest part of making pizza is the clean-up.

World Famous Pizza Dough Recipe here:

Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

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Marc said...

I make my own pizza quite often these days. Can't quite get it to the level of Regina's or Santarpio's (both in Boston), but I have learned how to make a pretty good NY-style pizza. I think the key is the dough. Best to make it from scratch, but buying pre-made dough at one of the better markets makes a difference, too. The dough at Foodmaster almost guarantees a bland-tasting pizza.

pizzatherapy said...

Marc, you are so right.

My pizza is OK. I actually think it is much better than it was 5 years ago.
I agree with you the key is the dough.
And, I think if you can't make your own dough, there is nothing wrong with buying douhg from a bakery or your favorite pizzeria.

pizza on earth,

albert grande