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The Wolrd's Most Expensive St. Valentine's Pizza

My friend, Chef Domenico Crolla has done it again.

Chef Crolla has already created the World's Most Expensive Pizza.
(Read the story in Pizza News March 2008, See #4)

But Chef Domenico is not one to dwell on past accomplishments. (He was recently recognized as having the best pizza in the U.K.!)

He is always moving forward into new areas.

The Scottish Master Pizzaiolo is making pizza history by creating a St. Valentine's Pizza (San Valentino)

Not any St. Valentine's pizza. This pizza is encrusted with gold leaf, edible pearls, Russian Beluga Caviar and much more.

The truly amazing thing about this pizza is that he is doing it for charity.

All proceeds from this pizza will go to support Oxfam G.B..

The San Valentino Pizza (St. Valentine's) pizza is being autioned on ebay U.K.

Chef Domenico explains:

"The pizza will be created and served at Domenico’s multi award-winning Glasgow-based restaurant, Bella Napoli, on 14th February.

However, being a true romantic, Domenico could even prepare this gastronomical delight right in front of you and your lover's eyes in the luxury of your own home (anywhere within the UK – or even in Italy!).

The pizza toppings have been researched for their indulgence and attributed aphrodisiac properties.

To name just a few:

Edible 24k Gold Leaf has long been empowered with the gift of love.

Throughout history, Gold Leaf has been documented as a food additive –
especially when love was in the air.

Long hailed as the original Viagra, Gold Leaf would be swallowed in small nugget form to purify the body and soul, or mixed into food or beverages to seduce the heart if a little coaxing was felt necessary.

Edible crushed pearls were used by Cleopatra to seduce her lovers.

She would crush pearls into wine in order to seduce Marc Antony.

Oysters are an essential ingredient in any Valentines Day menu.

Casanova, as the legend goes, would eat 50 raw oysters for breakfast.

The finest Russian Beluga Caviar is also used in this erotic dish for its reputation in maintaining male functionality due to the high levels of zinc stimulating the formation of testosterone

Scottish salmon poached in Dom Perignon '68, complemented by giant king prawns, asparagus, and Mozzarella di Bufala, Scottish venison, marinated in Bollinger, and finished with a balsamic glaze.

Coriander, nutmeg and fresh basil are said to stimulate the sex drive and boost fertility.

They are also said to produce a general sense of well-being for body and mind.

Sliced seasonal figs – crops of figs were celebrated by ancient Greeks in a frenzied copulation ritual.

Toasted almonds have been a symbol of fertility throughout the ages.

The aroma is thought to induce passion in a woman.

Wild mushrooms have long been considered to arouse the palate and the body
probably due to their rarity and musky aroma.

The musky scent is said to stimulate and sensitize the skin to touch.

The Greeks and the Romans considered the rare fungi to be an aphrodisiac. The mustard seed used in this sauce is believed to stimulate the sexual glands and increase desire.

More than just a slice of seduction!"

Remember: All proceeds of the San Valentino Pizza will go straight to Oxfam G.B.

You can bid on the item at this link on ebay UK.

Happy bidding!

Here is Chef Crolla's website.

Good luck, Domenico!

And thank you for all you have done to give back to your community.


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