Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Why I Give Away My Pizza Dough Recipe

Lance's Pizza

Over the years, I have given away thousands of copies of The Pizza Therapy Pizza Dough Recipe. No exaggeration. Thousands. You can get your own copy for free right here.

I don't pretend that it is the best, but it is a good solid recipe to get you started making pizza.

I'm honored to give it away. I'm more honored when people use it to make pizza.

Here's why...My mission is to celebrate pizza. And, I celebrate everyone who celebrates pizza.

For every pizza dough recipe I give I away, I send an email asking how the dough turned out. I have gotten lots of positive responses. Each one of those emails I get from pizza fans, makes me smile.

I recently received the following from Lance in Connecticut:

"Hi Albert or is it Aloha?,

I'm in Connecticut - currently it's... now don't be jealous, 9° F.

The crust was great. Simple and I love the organic honey instead of sugar. I made it in the bread machine and then let it rise for fifteen minutes.

I used organic flour, corn meal, honey, EVOO, Pomi tomatoes, Himalayan salt and home garden-grown basil and oregano. I even threw in a little gluten.

Fleishman yeast. It's funny we thought we were out of yeast and it turned out we had 2 pound bricks in the back of the drawer in the fridge. BJ's sells it for around 8 bucks.

Mozzarella in a big chunk that I hand grate and fresh Romano cheese.

I went out and got the pizza stone I keep in the gas grill. It's nice and thick, 16 inches across. I use it on summer nights for chicken and/or pizza under the stars. We call it the Tiki Lounge as a matter of fact, what with the torches and all.

I heated that baby up to 500 degrees for about an hour in my gas kitchen stove and cooked the pie for less than ten minutes. Awesome.

Thanks for writing - I am honing in on the perfect pie. I live 2 minutes away from Roseland's in Derby, the Valley's answer to Pepe's and Sally's in New Haven.

I often joke that I know every pizza place within fifty miles, now I have to add my own address to the list.

To Pizza,


My response:

Hey, Lance. I'm sure your pizza is right up there with the best of them.

Thanks for reminding me why I give away my pizza dough recipe!

pizza in your kitchen,

Celebrate Pizza


You can get a copy of The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book, which contains all of my pizza secrets, tips and more. Check it out here.

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Amanda said...

Looks yummy!! Nice brown crust outside while staying soft inside, this is the best thing about pizza dough. I am looking for a good recipe for making whole wheat pizza dough. I've never made my own pizza dough and would like to start. :)

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