Friday, April 03, 2009

Unavailable: Pizza Zing: Ramp Up Your Taste buds

Update: Pizza Zing is no longer available. The compnay folded...)

I was recently presented with a bottle of Pizza Zing, a new product from FOODWORKS WEST LLC. Here is the website: Pizza Zing.

According to the makers: Pizza Zing "was developed to offer pizza lovers a condiment that would let them easily add more flavor and heat to their pizzas. The recipe development lasted over two years before finalizing the perfect blend of peppers, spices and cheeses."

I decided to give the product an honest try. I used it on a slice of commercial pizza, (a mom and pop pizzeria), and found it to give a good kick to the pizza. It has heat but does not leave your mouth begging for mercy.

I found the flavor to be full and actually did enhance the flavor of commercial pizza.

Next I used it on some of my own home-made pizza. My pizza already has plenty of flavor, thank you very much. I found that while it did give some different tastes, I felt it was a bit of over-kill.

There are some who require an extra flavor, so even on home-made pizza, Pizza Zing offers a bit more taste.

Finally I used Pizza Zing , on some cheese ravioli. I did not put any spices on the ravioli and gave this spice a real taste test.

I found the taste to be pleasantly enjoyable. I thought the melding of different flavors added to the entire raviloi experience.

The verdict?

I liked Pizza Zing. While I will not add it to my own home-made pizza, there are times when a little extra heat and flavor are needed.
As I'm always looking for different tastes, it is a nice addition to my spice rack.

pizza on earth,

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Administrator said...

Hi Albert,

Thanks for providing a link to our site. I will return the favor. I really like your site. The problem is that everytime I go to your site I get hungary!

JAB said...

I got some Pizza Zing too ! I agree 100% with the review.