Saturday, April 18, 2009

What is a pizza peel?

An Appeal for a Peel:

Al Writes:

Could you please tell me exactly what a 'peel' is? I've never heard this term before.

Thanks for the newsletter!

Our Response:

A peel also known as a pizza paddle is is a flat tool with a handle. You use the peel to put the pizza onto a pizza stone (or brick oven) and to take it out. You can build your pizza right on a pizza peel, dusted liberally with corn meal.

You can see a wooden peel here:

Peels can be made of wood as well as metal. I have both kinds. Both work well.

here is a metal pizza peel:

You really only need a peel if you are using a pizza stone.Until I gave him a peel, my friend Espo used a piece of cardboard to move his pizza on and off his pizza stone. It worked, but that is another story!

I hope this answers your question...

Pizza on Earth,
Pizza Therapy

P.S. Here is one more peel for you:

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