Thursday, June 25, 2009

pizzetta: The Other Mystic Pizza

pizzetta pizza: its all about the crust
pizzetta pizza: it's all about the crust.

Louie and Mark Esposito had raved long and hard about a pizzeria in Mystic, Connecticut. They were so persistent about how good the pizza was, I listed pizzetta on the Best Pizza in Connecticut page.

Here is what Louie said about the pizza: "thin crispy crunchy and the combination of toppings are mouth watering delectable. The first bite literally stopped me in my tracks. Truly the guy makes an exceptional pie.."

Mark echoed his words by explaining: "Chris Owens certainly is on a noble mission and makes an equally noble pie. Chris makes a thin crispy crust that holds up very well with all the fresh and natural toppings. Pizzetta Pizza is a cut above, another star in the constellation of great pizza pies."

As part of The Pizza Therapy East Coast Pizza Tour 2009, I stopped by and ordered a pizza.

The Espositos were not exaggerating. The pie was thin, crispy, and excellent.

I was most impressed with the simplicity of the pizza. Nothing out of place for this pie with a good crust to hold it all together.

The whole feeling of pizzetta is a good one. Very comfortable atmosphere.

My only disappointment was a selfish one. Chris Owens was no-where to be found. I would love to have talked pizza with him.

The guy is a busy pizzaiolo. He recently purchased a retired fire truck (from the Noank Fire Department) and spent the last five months turning it into The Pizzetta Mystic Company 777 Mobile Pizza Unit.

He was out getting the mobile pizza unit ready for an event to be held later that evening.

The Pizzetta Mystic Company 777 Mobile Pizza Unit

That's right, a similar concept to The Big Greeen Pizza Truck.

Hey, you gotta respect a guy who turns a retired firetruck into a mobile pizza unit. The pump on the truck was replaced with a beer spigot. The retired firetruck is already serving the community, once again.

Pizza to the people!

Chris also explains his philosophy about pizzetta: "Pizzetta is committed to being a part of our local community. We encourage our staff to participate in local events. Pizzetta believes in donating our product and time along with a percent of our sales to “not for profits” attempting to make the world a better place... Pizzetta wants to be the very best."

A simple pizza at pizzetta

If you ever are in Mystic, stop by. Make sure you tell, Chris, Pizza Therapy supports his mission.

7 Water Street
Mystic, Connecticut
Tel: 860.536.4443

pizza on earth, good will to all,

Pizza Therapy

P.S. Near the pizza oven was a book shelf with several differnet pizza books. I was quite pleased to see Penny Pollack and Jeff Ruby's Everybody Loves Pizza displayed. This book is a must read for anyone who ever tasted a pizza.

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