Thursday, June 18, 2009

Recovery Room: Sail on to Pizza Paradisio

A Mushroom pizza from Recovery Room, New London, Connecticut
A mushroom Pizza from
Recovery Room, New London Connecticut

New London, Connecticut is known for being a safe harbor. The place is steeped in sailing tradition. You can find a wide range of incredible seafood at the World Famous, Captain Scott's and other clam shacks.

But, New London also is the home of great pizza.

One of the best kept pizza secrets is served at the Recovery Room. Located on 445 Ocean Avenue, the Recovery Room is right down the street from Lawrence and Memorial Hospital.

The pizza is thin Neapolitan, with a crispy, yet light crust. We opted for the basic mushroom and a pepperoni. The pizzas were memorable.

I have long been a fan of the Recovery Room and whenever, I'm in town, it is one of my first stops. The crust has just the right amount of char. The pizza almost tastes as if it came out of a brick oven.

The Recovery Room Crust
The Recovery Room Crust

The toppings are fresh with just the right combination of spices. The taste is consistently good. The Recovery Room has a number of red pizzas (tomato based pizza) such as their 3 Cheese Special (gorgonzola, romano and parmesan), and Rosie's Special, (tomato, bacon and mozzarella).

They also have an extensive white pizza menu, featuring a Baked Potato Pizza, as well as a Shrimp and Artichoke Pizza.

Next time you are in Southeastern Connecticut, make sure you visit the Recovery Room. You will find great pizza and you will not be disappointed.

This was the first stop on the Pizza Therapy East Coast Pizza Tour 2009. There is a whole lot more pizza to eat. I've trained long, hard, and intensely for this. And as you know, intense training, always pays off.

Wish me luck...

pizza on earth,

Albert Grande
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