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Spiritual Pizza Making

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On Spiritual Pizza Making...

Robert writes:

In your article on spiritual pizza making you say:

"Spiritual pizza is made when you connect with yourpizza on a higher level. You put a part of yourself into each pizza. Make all of your pizza, Spiritual Pizza. Your pizza will taste better. Your pizza will be better."

That really hit home with me, you wouldn't believe what I put into my pizza making and it really shows inthe pizza. If I'm making a pizza for company and really want it to be its best I will turn on the ovenlight and keep looking in at it to make sure it is just right, my wife laughs at me but the pizza isalways great.

I've spent years now trying to perfect the crust, after all it's the crust that makes the pizza, everything elseis just toppings, right?. A couple of very important things I have learned along the way.

  • If you are going to experiment away from a recipe,WRITE DOWN THE CHANGES YOU MAKE! Otherwise who canremember what they did the next time.

  • I've found that "Hotel and Restaurant" flour seems to provide the most "Pizzeria" taste and consistency Ibelieve it is the extra Gluten.

  • More yeast and sugar (or honey) in the mix than isusually called for seems to work well for me as far as a nice light dough that tastes great.

  • Let the pizza rise! at least once but even better twice and at least an hour each time, then roll it outat least half an hour before you put a topping on it of any sort and cover it with plastic wrap so it canrise a bit before you squash it with toppings.5.

  • And finally, make sure you preheat the oven and get it as hot as you can for the amount of toppings youhave on it. More toppings, less temperature so it can have a chance to cook all the way through, raw doughis nasty. the reason for the hot oven is that the dough does an initial rise just after itis exposed to the heat and that makes for a much better crust I think than you get with lower temps.Yipes, and I don't even do this for a living! But if you look in my pantry and fridge and freezer you would swear I did.

Anyway yep, pizza is a spiritual experience for me and everyone that tastes it begs me to open a pizza parlor.

Pizza on Earth and Good Will to All!


My Response:
Thanks so very much for sharing your great advice, Robert.

I received many wonderful comments about Spiritual Pizza. I feel to do anything worthwhile, we must put our heart and soul into it.

We will then connect with a higher spiritual power.

We must realize there is a greater power that we can connect with. Thanks everyone for your wonderful positive energy.

pizza forever,


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