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Veraci Pizza at Pike Place Market

Incredible pizza from Veraci pizza by

The following story was shared by our friends at Slice.

If you ever get to Seattle, one of the must see attractions is Pike Market Place.

This open air extravaganza is a mixture of fresh foods, including all kinds of incredible seafood. Going to The Market is an experience. There are many sights, smells and tastes. This is probably the best free show in town.

Now you can add incredible pizza to the list. The pizzioli from Veraci Pizza, have set up a portable wood fired oven. They have created a traveling pizzeria.

Here is a wonderful video from VendrTV that will make you hungry for the experience.

As I watched the video, I wanted pizza. This pizza tastes as good as it looks. I loved watching the pizza cook in the oven. True pizza on earth...

The pizza from Veraci are thin Neapolitan. The oven heats up to 800 to 1000 F. It takes about 90 seconds to two minutes to cook.

Marshall Jett, pizzaiolo, and co-owner, explained the wood fire cooks the pizza in 3 different ways:

  • Convection as the air flows over the pizza
  • Conduction as the pizza cooks on the firebrick and
  • Radiant heat with the flames and the fire.

The wood used for the oven is apple wood, which is abundant in the Seattle area. This creates a very hot consistent, consistent heat.

For wood fired pizza ovens, I have found this to be an incredible resource.

I'll be making pizza at on the North Shore on Oahu, very soon in Paul's Wood fired Oven. Yeah, we will be making The Best Pizza in Hawaii! There really is nothing like a pizza from a wood fired oven!

pizza forever,

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