Monday, August 03, 2009

What Pizza Flour Should You Use to Make Pizza?

Chris writes:

Just wanted to say thanks for the notes and messages you send out and also wanted to get your opinion on which type of flour works best for the dough.

I am relatively new to pizza making however I find that I really look forward to whenever my wife and I decide to eat pizza.

Just this past weekend we had her parents over and I made a couple pies that I thought were my best I so far and I believe the switch to bread flour over all purpose was the key. The crust came out golden brown, slightly crisp but was also a little chewy which is the way I have always liked it.

Instead of the slice standing straight up it had a little give to it, to the point where you could fold it in half to eat it. As far as I'm concerned bread flour is the way to go but I wanted to hear from a real expert as to the merits of flour.

I also recently finished Peter Reinhart's book on pizza which I found vastly entertaining, imagine going on a mission around the world to find the best pizza, one can only dream.

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Check out Peter's book Here:

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PS I use a Pizza stone in a Wolf oven set at 500 degrees with an hour pre-heat. I don't know how I went without one for so long it makes all the difference!!

My response:

Hi Chris.

Sounds like you are the expert! I will be asking your advice soon.

As far as flour: I think you should use the kind of flour that you like.

Use the flour that makes your pizza taste great to you.

I cover this in the following video:

Thanks so much for your support.

pizza everywhere,

Albert Grande
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P.S. If you make pizza, you need a pizza stone.
I recommend this one, by Old Stone:

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