Monday, September 28, 2009

Top Pizza Blogs from The Daily Reviewer

The Daily Reviewer recently nominated this bolg as being one of the Top Pizza Blogs.

Hey thanks.

Here is a list of the best of the best who made the cut:

Slice America's Favorite Pizza Weblog. Adam Kuban's pizza vision. Intelligent, interesting and fun, with an attitude.

Pizza Blog About How To Eat Order Italian Pizza Online: After you order your pizza online and before the pizza delivery man delivers a fresh pie to your door...spend some time relaxing and reading our pizza blog. Great concept. Fantastic blog!

Passion-4-Pizza Blog: Lillian and Cary share their unique passion for pizza. Excellent resource. Pure pizza passion and insight. Dedicated to finding the best pizza places, by sorting through the worst.
Opinionated but fair pizza reviews. Great information.

The Pizza Blog: Everything you wanted to know about pizza, but were afraid to ask. Very informative.

I Dream of Pizza: A New York City Pizza Blog: A blog dedicated to everything and anything about pizza. From recipes and reviews to the most obscure articles about your favorite food. Great.

The Home Pizza Chef: A great blog along with an excellent email newsletter. Pizza for everyone. A class act with lots of heart.

Chicago Pizza Club: "We are really happy if we can be a Chicago pizza resource for the public. There are a lot of pizzerias out there and we've got so many to try!" I love these guys!

Pizza Delivery Stories: True stories in the life of a part-time pizza delivery driver.

Pizza Radio: Interviews, features and news from the world of pizza from P.MQ. magazine.

LA Pizza: Pizza from the City of Angels. A promise to eat pizza daily, or at least 5 days a week. Right on!

Liza and Gary's DC Pizza Blog: Self-proclaimed pizza experts Liza and Gary scout out the best pizza in Washington, DC. They have our vote.

Minnesota Punch Pizza Blog: Twin Cities Punch Neapolitan Pizza Restaurants Blog.

pizza, pizza, and more pizza,

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