Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Best Pizza in St. Louis, Missouri

You have to love St. Louis, Missouri. After all they fry their ravioli. Fried Ravioli is one of the signature dishes of this town.

The pizza has its own spin as well. Forget the mozzarella and parmesan. In St. Louis, you will discover the secret of pizza is the provel cheese.

What is provel?

Provel is a cheese mixture made of provolone, swiss and cheedar cheese. Provel is the heart of many of the pizzas in St. Louis. It has a creamy texture with a very unique taste.

You can learn more about provel cheese at this link at Wikipedia.

Here some of the best pizzerias in St. Louis:

  • Cusaneli's: "The cheese, (Provolone) and the paper thin crust."
  • Imo's: "the best pizza...the paper thin crust, the yummy cheese, the real bacon toppings. I miss it so much that it's the first stop when I fly "home" to St. Louis."
  • Portas Pizza: "...Great crust, great sauce and great ingredients"
  • Racanelli's Pizza: "The sauce, the crust.. and watching them toss that dough right after you order it! If you are a East Cost transplant from the tri-state area, well this will no doubt spark some tasteful memories.Ciao!"

Please feel free to discuss your own favorite pizzeria from St. Louis by adding a comment to this post.

You can find The Best Pizza in Missouri at this link.

And if you are a provel fan, you can express yourself and support your favorite cheese below:

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Bradley said...

No love for Pi? I am a big fan of Chicago style deepdish and apparently President Obama prefers the Pi pies over Gino's East and Lou Malnati's... hmmmm :-)

Andrew said...

I have to be honest - your review of the pizza in St Louis should be a list of the worst St. Louis has to offer. Why not go all the way and put Pizza Hut on the list?

Quite dismayed over all the great pie here in town.

Kind regards


pizzatherapy said...

thanks for the comments, Bradley and Andrew.

Andrew created his own list of Best Pizza in St. Louis:
The Good Pi,
Katie's Pizza Cafe,

He lists his own pizza as some of the Best in St. Louis.
(And I'm sure it is).

Andrew said...

Albert -

Thanks for humoring my spirited defense of my towns artisan pizza. If you make it into town, drop me a line and the first pie is on me.

Kind regards


Matt B. said...

I cannot disagree with Bradley... Lou Malnati's is a work of art. But being originally from STL - my favs include the famous Imo's and Romas (in suburban Bethalto Illinois). Definately these three are my all time favorites. Too bad Denver pizza is sub par.