Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Chicago Food Planet Rocks Chicago

Shane Kost is the mastermind behind Chicago Food Planet Chicago Food Tours.

He walks around Chicago neighborhoods with you. He tells you the history, the architecture, but mostly it's about the food.

He features two incredible food tours: The Near North Food Tasting and The Buck Town Wicker Park Food Tour.

And yes both include a stop at a pizzeria.

This is not the pizza you would expect. This is tasting pizza that you may not have ever experienced. This is Chcago Food Planet Pizza!

Shane has the inside track. He gives you the real scoop on Chicago food. (including pizza...)

Watch his amazing video:

As a side note, I did an incredible interview with Shane. And then disaster struck.

I would love to blame someone, but I must assume all responsibility...I accidently deleted the audio. Blast it!

Hopefully Shane will give me another chance to do another interview.

Until then. Make sure you check out:

Chicago Food Planet Food Tours

Chicago Food Planet Food Tours from pizzatherapy.com
pizza all over Chicago,

Pizza Therapy

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