Tuesday, October 06, 2009

How Long Is Food Safe to Eat?

From my friend Gary Bimonte of Pepe's:

How long do you keep food before you toss it?

Many times I have searched for the expiration date on a bottle of ketchup or mayonnaise. What has happened is that the date is impossible to find or it is smudged.

In our kitchen we live by the moto: When in doubt toss it out...

I want to share a valuable resource that answers the age old question how
long is your food safe to eat...

It's called StillTasty.

All of the information is referenced. All the information seems current.

For example, how long should you keep eggs?

Answer: 3-5 weeks. (they will keep up to a year, frozen...)

Should you put tomatoes in the fridge?

Answer: Store them a room temperature until they are ripe.

Who new?

Check out StillTasty.
It's a great resource...

BTW: Keep that pizza you bought from the store for 3-4 days. Unless you freeze it, and then the pizza will be good for 1-2 months.

food safety on earth,

albert grande

And in an emergency you may need to read this book:

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