Friday, October 23, 2009

Naturally Risen, the Best Pizza Film of All Time.

Naturally Risen is a film by Michael Evans. It's a film honoring, Anthony Mangieri and his pizzeria, Una Pizza Napoletana,

When I interviewed Peter Reinhart and Chris Bianco, for Legends of Pizza, Volume 1, they both praised Anthony for his pizza making and his dedication to the art of pizza.

As Evans explains:

"Naturally Risen, is a short film documenting the rhythm of the process of noted pizzaiola Anthony Mangieri.

Anthony owned and operated Una Pizza Napoletana in the East Village of New York City from 2004 until 2009.

The film takes a decided non-verbal, intimate approach, in the tradition of a surf video – allowing Mangieri's disciplined movements to speak for themself.

Legendary skateboarder and musician Tommy Guerrero, provides the score."

You can watch Naturally Risen, here:

NATURALLY RISEN from michael evans on Vimeo.

Anthony Mangieri is simply an incredible pizzaiolo.
Michel Evans is an incredible filmaker.

Without a doubt this is the most amazing pizza film, I have ever seen.

Thank you Michael, Thank you Anthony.

Thankfully, as Adam Kuban of Slice has reported, Una Pizzeria Napoletana will reopen in San Francisco in SoMa.

All the best to you, Anthony.

And to everyone on the West Coast...consider yourself lucky you live there. First you took the Brooklyn Dodgers, now Una Pizzeria Napoletana.

When will it end?

I know where I'm going the next time I'm in San Francisco...

pizza all over California,

albert grande
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