Friday, October 02, 2009

Secrets Inside the Pizzeria Interview

Secrets Inside the Pizzeria

I recently got a copy of a great video tutorial on how to make pizza created by Bev Collins. It's called "Secret's Inside the Pizzeria". It was a simple guide with easy to understand tips about making pizza.

I decided to call up Bev and see if I could pull any more pizza secrets out of her.

I recorded the entire call.

It was a great pizza conversation. We covered a lot of information.

She is an interesting pizzaiolo.

First she never had pizza until she was 16. Here first pizza was out of a pizza kit. (Think Apian Way and Chef Boy Ardee...)

But somehow she persisted. She studied, she learned. She was tenacious. She didn't give up. Now she makes pizza like a master.

Some of the things we discussed were:

  • pizza tools you need
  • the best type of flour to use
  • her take on other pizza ingredients
  • the fact that you can have great ingredients but still not make great pizza
  • It's all about all in the technique.
  • Excellent step by step directions to make dough
  • Some inside tips on why your dough needs to be cold
  • Why you need to proof your pizza

    You can listen to the entire interview below:

Click Here to listen to Secrets Inside the Pizzeria Interview

(You can also download it from that link and listen to it at your convenience)

Get ready to learn about pizza secrets.

"This is a great step by step guide to making pizza.
As you may know, I've been making pizza for over 20 years.
I own a copy of Secrets Inside the Pizzeria, myself.
Can you teach an old pizza dog, new pizza tricks?
Yes you can.
I recommend this video series by Bev Collins."
Albert Grande,

Here are some of the tools we discussed during our interview.

pizza forever,

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