Friday, October 30, 2009

The State of Pizza in San Francisco...

Jan reports from San Francisco:

Hi Albert,
Thanks for sharing your story and the Anthony Mangieri video.

It's great to see a master at work and now we have another reason to return to San Francisco. On a recent visit to the city my wife and I had the pleasure of dining at Tony’s (Gemignani) Pizza Napoletana.

It was first on my list of things to do and I was not disappointed - truly amazing pizza and service. I could have died right there.

Here is a picture of our pizzas and meatballs in an incredible tomato sauce. And then there is the International School of Pizza - imagine going to school to make pizza! If I were only 21 again . . .



And here is a picture of these incredible pizzas created by Tony G.:

Tony G.'s Amazing pizza!

Thanks so much, Jan.

Now you really gave me a reason to go to San Francisco...
As if I need a reason.

Pizza on the West Coast,


I love the following book on pizza by Tony and Diane Morgan.
I have a copy and it is amazing. As a matter of fact I gave several away
as Christmas gifts last year.

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