Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Appeal for A Peel...

Betty writes:

Mr. Grande,
Sorry, I haven't made a pizza yet. I need to purchase a pizza peel.

Can I substitute something else to use for the peel, until I purchase one?

I'll definitely be trying one of your pizza recipes soon. I have never ate a pizza with stewed tomatoes as the sauce.
Thank you,

My Response:

Hi Betty, you certainly do not need a peel to make god pizza.

I used a cookie sheet, and then a regular pizza pan, for years before I got a pizza peel.

My pizza's all turned out great.

If you do not have a peel, you could do what my friend Espo
did. I do not recommend this, but he claims it worked.

He used a piece of thick cardboard to slide the pizza on and
off the stone.

Please, don't do what Espo did!

I say use a cookie sheet or pizza pan. It will work fine.
Then when you want, get a peel. Though a peel is not essential to make good pizza.

Please let me know how you make out.

Betty you can find a great peel below:

I own one....

The Super Peel (I own a Super Peel, also)

Pizza on Earth,

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