Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Artisan Breads Every Day: A Review

I am extremely please to tell you that Peter Reinhart's new book Artisan Breads Every Day is incredible for any bread baker or pizza maker.

Peter starts by giving basic bread baking advice. Use top quality ingredients he explains. Employ unbleached rather than bleached flour. Use only as much yeast as needed to get the job done. Mix the dough as long as needed. Make sure you use higher hydration (water) levels for the the dough.

These are just the basics, he states. Peter then goes into a further discussion of bread baking. He talks about the difference between a wet poolish or sponge for your pre-ferment. The secret is that an overnight cold ferment will get the job done.

Reading this book was like having Peter looking over my shoulder as I went through the recipes. He speaks to you in such a way, bread making becomes simple.

Each page shares valuable bread baking information. As you devour this book, you can understand why he is regarded as not only a great baker but a word class instructor. He is patient with his students. And students like me, need a patient teacher.

He shares all of his tips and tricks that he has generated over years of baking bread.

The book has many full color photographs that give you instructions and illustrate the entire procedure. Each process and recipe is clearly defined. I was quite astounded by the rich pictures of bread and dough. Actually the photographs motivated me to start trying out some of these recipes right away.

The stretch and fold method of preparing dough was one that I have had some difficulty with. You will discover this method clearly defined. The color photos will guide you through every single step.

An interesting part of this book is the section about wild yeasts and starters. He shares a number of discoveries about how to start this process. He also dispels many of the myths associated with the use of these type of yeasts.

He doesn't hold back for the pizza lover. There are several great pizza crust recipes including one for a sour dough pizza recipe. As usual Reinhart delivers recipes you will not find anywhere else.

The recipes contained in Artisan Breads Every Day are in a word simply delightful. Reinhart's range of recipes cover the baking spectrum from bagels, to cheese breads, to cinnamon buns, to coffee cake as well rustic breads and the best biscuits ever.

My advice? Order this book now. And be generous. Give a copy or two to your own friends and loved ones. They will thank you for it. You may even get a fresh loaf of bread or a pizza delivered to you! It really is that good.
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