Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Jon F. Interview: The Other Pizza Tapes

Jon F. Noted pizzaiolo, installed a Sky Light to get a higher toss...

I was pleased to interview noted pizzaiolo, Jon F.

Here is what Shelley said: "This is GREAT. Thanks so much!".

Jon gives his take on Pepe's Pizza, and Sally's Pizza. Jon gives his take on why the pizza on Wooster Street is so special.

Jon also traveled to Italy and explains the difference between American Pizza and Italian Pizza.

He is on a quest to find extraordianry pizza. He traveled to Portland to discover some of the greatest pizzas avialable in that city. He got a first hand look at Brian Spangler as he made pizza at Apizza Scholls. He noted that Brian has his hand on every pizza that is served.

Jon also reveals another great up and coming legendary pizzeria, called Tastebuds.

He finishes up this interview by giving some incredible advice for the home pizza maker.

He explains the most important thing is not the toppings. Use all of the high quality toppings you have, he says, but they take a back seat.

The cust is very important, but that is not the most important element when you cook pizza.

He states emphatically, if you don't get this one thing right, you may as well not bother to make your own pizza.

You can discover the secret, right here. Listen to the entire Jon F. interview at this page.

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