Monday, January 04, 2010

Passion for Pizza Corners Chris Bianco

I appreciate anyone who has a love of pizza. And two of the greatest lovers of pizza are Cary and Lillian of Passion for Pizza.

These two pizza afficiandos have really made their mark in the pizza world by sharing their pizza ideas, pizza adventures, and pizza dreams.

They recently made a trip to Phoenix to discover and devour the pizza made by Chris Bianco.

They were able to spend some quality time with Chris and grill him about all things pizza.

I found their interview to be enlightening as well s entertaining. Chris Bianco is humble about his pizza.

Here is what Chris revealed to Cary and Lillian:

I always say that, for me, it's more of a human study than a restaurant. It's afforded me to watch and listen to a lot of things and meet a lot of really interesting people, to exchange ideas and be inspired and hopefully, in some cases by accident, inspire people to do their own thing, to do something that they enjoy, and take what they want from it.

If you love pizza, you will love this amazing conversation with Chris Biaco. Simply outstanding!

You can read the rest of the interview, here at Passion for Pizza.

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