Friday, January 15, 2010

Pizza Crawl Hawaiian Style

pizza photo by Albert Grande, the Pizza Promoter
Pizza Photo By Albert Grande, The Pizza Promoter
When the subject of pizza comes up, my ears perk up. As I tell everyone I meet, "Don't get me started about pizza...".

If we're talking about pizza in Honolulu, now you really got my attention.

Kawehi Haug, of The Honolulu Advertiser, organized an incredible event called The Pizza Crawl.

A team was assembled to visit six Honolulu pizzerias in one night. These are pizzerias that are buzzworthy and at least have a reputation for making excellent pizza.

The team was made up of hard core pizza lovers. Think about it: eating pizza from six different pizza restaurants in one night is no easy task.

They were up to the challenge and they completed their mission. There were a few mis-steps along the way. Not by the team mind you, but by one of the restaurants.

It just goes to show you buzz is not everything.

Their results:

1) V Lounge (Kona Street) with the kiawe wood fired oven was a big hit.
2) J.J. Dolans (Chinatown): A big hit with the group.
3) Antonio's New York Pizzeria: Old reliable. Antonio's came through.

Albert's side bar: Even though it says New York in it's name: the owner of Antonio's, Joe Tramantano is, a Connecticut boy. As in New Haven...And if you want to see a list of the best pizza in Hawaii, go to this page.

I loved this article. I loved The Pizza Crawl. What a great concept.

On behalf of Pizza Lovers everywhere: thank you Pizza Crawl Team members

You just challenged pizza lovers in Honolulu to go on their own pizza crawl!

Becasue of your mission, I have decided to throw down the guantlet! Somebody needs to do another Hawaii Pizza Crawl.

And that is exactly what I plan on doing. I am announcing the first ever: Pizza Therapy Hawaiian Pizza Crawl.

I need to find out for myself. The truth is out there...

So I have rounded up a crew of pizza fans who will be accompanying me on this official pizza mission.

This is such a deadly mission. It could get ugly but we are ready. It's kind of like going to visit my Aunty Esther  three times in one day. Number 1: When you go: you better be prepared to eat. And number 2: You can't eat just a little.

Don't try this at home kids.  This is for Hardcore Pizza Professionals Only. So if you see me, share a slice or a story. I'm on a mission from God...And God Bless me, please.

And in all fairness this has to be stated:

I take off my hat to Adam Kuban and the entire Slice crew. These guys have perfected the Art of the Pizza Crawl . The Slice crew sets the standard for all Pizza Crawls...

I only hope we can do them proud and make it to New York, soon.
 "First we take Manhattan, then we'll take Berlin..."

Pizza all over Honolulu,

albert grande
Pizza Therapy

BTW: You can't eat pizza without music.
Here is the theme music for the
Pizza Therapy Hawaiian Pizza Crawl.

 by Leonard Cohen.
Incredible music!

You can listen to Pizza Therapy Hawaii Pizza Crawl Theme song, here:


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Caroline said...

I would love me some hawaiian pizza now! Great blog!

By the way, I posted your video on my squidoo page that talks about the history of pizza. Be sure to check it out!

pizzatherapy said...

Thanks so much, Caroline.

I wish I could send you a pizza, right now.

"Beam me up a slice of pizza, Scotty."

Thanks so much for posting my video on your lens.

I love eating pizza, I love making pizza. I'm on a mission to promote pizza!

pizza on earth,
Albert Grande,
The Pizza Promoter.