Friday, February 19, 2010

The Grilled Pizza Stone: A Review

I always get excited when I’m trying out a new product for the first time.

I’ve usually done my homework. I know how the product works and what to expect. Over the years, I’ve reviewed dozens of pizza related products.

I eagerly anticipated using the The Grilled Pizza Stone by Red Sky Grilling Products.

According to the website: “By taking advantage of your grill’s high heat and ability to control natural wood smoke, in combination with the Grilled Pizza Stone’s unique shape and material, anyone is able to make great-tasting, wood-smoked, thin-crust pizzas at home.”

I had done all of my prep work for the pizza. I had invited select friends and family to the pizza party.

As a matter of fact (true story), I had a lawyer and a doctor doing all of my prep work, as well as helping with the clean up. They worked for less than minimum wage. They were “paid” with slices of pizza.

I used a commercial gas grill and I pre-heated the stone to the highest possible temperature for almost an hour. This was a mistake, as the first pizza cooked from the bottom and was a little over-done.

I discovered that for this grill, the highest possible temperature was not the best.

I turned down the heat a bit and found the sweet spot for the pizza stone.
All grills vary so you may have to experiment a bit. The rest of the pizzas turned out well. The crust was cooked perfectly. I was amazed at how well the stone performed in spite of my trying to over-heat the stone.

The stone was able to retain the heat and was able to do a good job of getting the pizza crusts cooked.

The verdict? This is a well made product which gives excellent results. I recommend The Pizza Grill Pizza Stone. I feel that in spite of my over-heating the stone, it still performed well.

It is made to be used with either a charcoal grill (like a weber) or a gas grill. It seems it will work equally well in a home oven. If you plan on doing a lot of outdoor grilling, this stone will hold up to the extremely high heat.

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