Sunday, February 07, 2010

J.J. Dolans: Great Pizza in Honolulu

The following is from the Pizza Therapy Pizza Crawl in Honolulu:

J.J. Dolan's will tell you right up front:

"An Irish Pub, With New York pizza, from two guys in Chinatown".

Now it doesn't get any plainer than that.

And that explains J.J. Dolan's pizza. The pizza here is rock solid good. you will find a great version of a New york pie.

The pizzas are thin crust with plenty of taste in their dough and toppings.

The pizza was generously big. Large pizza allows the true tast of the pizza to explode in your mouth.

They are not particularly fancy. That is not to say that some of the pizzas were not unusual. There was a great variety.

This is blue collar pizza. Aand that was the charm of this pizzeria. You kind of felt you were back in your old neighborhood, rubbing elbows with your best friends as you indulge in your favorite past time: eating pizza.

The Pizza Therapy Pizza crew was impressed. Several of their specialty pizzas were sampled. We gave J.J. Dolan's a thumbs up.

You can see for yourself with the following video created by Hawaii Business Videos:

You can find J.J. Dolan's right in Honolulu at:

J. J. Dolans
1147 Bethel Street, Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone 357-4992

And yes, we will definitely go back.
We need to do a little bit more research.
Was the pizza that good?
Yes it was...
And we have to try it again....

pizza all over Honolulu,
Albert "The Pizza Promoter" Grande

Have a video created for your small business, right here.

pizza all over Hawaii,

Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter

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SageMom said...

Gonna have to try this place. We love pizza!

pizzatherapy said...

Absolutely. I would love to hear what you think of J.J. Dolans.
It really is quite good.
pizza all over Chinatown,