Monday, February 15, 2010

Your Pizza Stone Will Make Gourmet pizza...

Using A Pizza Stone

If you are going to make great pizza you need the right tools. Most of the tools for making pizza will be found in any kitchen.

There are a few tools that you will need if you want to make exceptional home made pizza. Mixing bowls, measuring spoons and a pizza pan or cookie sheet are essential.

But if you want to take your pizza making to an expert level, you need a pizza stone. With a pizza stone you will be able to make gourmet pizza. A pizza stone, (also known as a baking stone), and a pizza peel are essential to make great pizza.

The best pizza is made in a stone or brick oven. A pizza stone attempts to recreate a brick oven in your home. The notion behind this is that the pizza stone will absorb the heat in an oven.

A pizza stone will cook your pizza quickly and evenly. One of the most important trick to using a pizza stone is to per-heat your stone for an hour or more. The biggest mistake made by home pizza chefs is not allowing the stone to heat up long enough.

You need to heat up your oven to at least an hour or more. That way the stone will absorb all of the heat being generated by your oven. My friend Jon F. tells the tale of how not to use a pizza stone. His friend heat up their oven to 500 F. (260 C). and let it pre-heat for at least an hour...after to oven was hot, they put the pizza stone in. And they were dissatisfied with the results.

You need to have your baking stone in the oven when you turn on the oven! Another great method is to use pizza stones is as bbq pizza stones. You can enjoy your pizza right from a bbq grill.

You can find a wide variety of cheap pizza stones, but believe me cheap is not always better. Here's why: cheap pizza stones are made of inferior quality materials. While you may save a bit of money in the short term, in the long run a cheap baking stone will end up costing you more money The best pizza stones are made of high quality materials and will come with a warranty.

Many pizza stones will cook your pizza just like a brick pizza stone oven. Care and Cleaning of Your Pizza Stone I have had my pizza stone for over 20 years and have found it to be practically maintenance free. With repeated use it has turned almost black and continues to work well! I always let my stone cool down before cleaning it.

For every day cleaning, I just wipe the stone, with a slightly damp cloth. This will remove all of the cornmeal or flour that has stuck to the stone.

If I have something baked on the stone, like cheese or a piece of dough, I will gently scrape all the residue I can get off with a spatula. If I am unable to get it clean, I will heat the stone in the oven for at 500°F+ (260 C) degrees for an hour or more, let the stone cool and then try again to gently scrape the stone. Heating up the stone will burn off anything that has stuck to it. Then just wipe down with a cloth.

Do not immerse your bakinging stone in soapy water, as the taste of the soap will get into the stone!!! Get a Pizza Stone, right here:

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