Friday, March 05, 2010

Italian Cooking with Theresa and Drew: A Pizza Celebration

I love people who celebrate pizza. They are the one's who spread the truth about pizza. They are the true lovers of pizza. And Theresa and Drew are those kind of people.

They love making pizzza. They love eating pizza. And they love showing others how to make pizza. How cool is that?

That is the essence of pizza. Pizza brings people together. When you make pizza, you make magic happen.

Eating pizza is an event that should be celebrated with others. Making pizza is a good time.

Here is a video of Theresa and Drew's finished product.

You can visit their blog to discover other how to videos, recipes, commentaries and mores.

Here is the link:
Italian Cooking with Theresa and Drew

So go visit. Learn, discover and celebrate. Tell them that Pizza Therapy sent you.

They might even offer you a slice....

pizza on earth,

albert grande
The Pizza Promoter
The Pizza Forum
What You Think Becomes Reality

And if you want to make pizza you do need the right tools.
You can discover some Pizza Tools right here.

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aaron said...

Nice article on Italian Cooking. My favorite pizza in Riverside is very similar to the kind your talking about. Congrats on your success.