Sunday, April 04, 2010

Pizza Champion Interview: Steve Lieber

                             Steve Lieber is an incredible pizziolo.

He is a member of the World Pizza Champions. He has an incredible story to tell. In the following interview he tells his pizza story.

He explains how he got into the pizza business. He learned how to make pizza. He worked in a number of restaurants and decided he wanted to become a master pizziolo.

According to his bio:

Over the years, Lieber established himself working in high volume restaurants that posed many challenges and soon found great success…A self-described “pizza fanatic,” Steve regularly travels the globe to attend conventions and further his knowledge of the industry to perfect techniques and capitalize on the latest in pizza trends.

In the following interview, he explains how he:
•learned to make pizza

•how his passion for pizza led him to try to master the coal fired oven pizza

•The differences between a coal fired oven and other pizza ovens in making pizza

•how he met Tony Gemignani.

•What happened to his pizza making, after attending The International School of Pizza

•How he won the Best Pizza in the United States Award

•He give lots of pizza making tips for the home pizza maker

•He explodes the myth of using water to make pizza

•Where he is going with pizza

•How giving back to the community has helped his business

This is an incredible pizza interview. The highlight may be his "Babe Ruth" moment during a pizza contest.

Steve has many secrets to share and he holds nothing back in the following interview.
Steve Lieber is truly one of the Legends of Pizza.

You can listen (or download, if you wish) at this link:
Steve Lieber at Legends of Pizza Blog
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Albert Grande
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