Friday, May 07, 2010

Egg and Sausage Pizza from Chef John

How about this for a crazy idea.

Fry some hot Italian sausage, drain it. Make some dough, put on a little tomato sauce and then put the sausage on the pizza. Put the pan in an oven and cook.

Then add some perfectly good, fresh eggs to the mix. Gently add the eggs to the top of the pizza and cook.

Hmmm. Believe it or works! You can watch Chef John as he goes step by step through the entire process.

This pizza looks simply incredible. This could my new personal favorite breakfast pizza. Or anytime pizza.

Watch, learn and get hungry for a pizza.

Now that's a pizza!

Simply amazing! Thanks Chef John.

You can discover more of Chef John's Recipes at his Blog.
Chef John is also known as The Denver Food Guy. He also features a whole library of step by step videos at his YouTube Channel called Food Wishes.

pizza and sausage on earth,
albert grande
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at Legends of Pizza

This looks like the kind of pizza pan used by Chef John:

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