Monday, May 24, 2010

How to Make $25,000 from a Pizza Recipe

Our friend Gail recently won the Ultimate Recipe Showdown on the Food Network.

Her prize?

$25,000 in cash, plus a $5,000 bonus in other prizes.

I knew I had to interview her and get all of the inside secrets of how she did it.

I was able to record an exclusive interview for Pizza Therapy.

She explains:

•How she came up with the recipe
•What she did to enter the contest
•What she asked Flo Consiglio, wife of Sal Consiglio
•Her secret ingredient that she took from Sally's Apizza on Wooster Street in New Haven, Connecticut
•Why this helps her make award winning pizza
•What goes on behind the scenes at the Food Network
•What she will do with her $25,000
•Her other $5,000 bonus prizes as part of her winnings
•Inside pizza tricks and tips
•Her secret hobby and passions
•Why you should enter your own recipe

You can listen or download the entire interview at this link:

The $25,000 Pizza Recipe Interveiw with Gail.

pizza all over the planet,

Legends of Pizza

You may want to check out this, from The Food Network:

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