Saturday, May 22, 2010

Visiting Chicago and Don’t Know Which Pizzas to Try?

Checking Out Pizza with Chicago Pizza Tours

Chicago Pizza Tours Will Take Care of it for You!

Chicago’s Hottest New Pizza Tour Allows Participants to See Chicago One Slice at a Time!

Chicago, IL, May 21, 2010 -- The Windy City. Wrigley Field. The Bears. The Magnificent Mile. Chicago has its share of icons, but one of its most famous attractions – delicious world-famous pizza – is receiving special attention with the launch of Chicago Pizza Tours, LLC.

The brainchild of Chicagoland native Jon Porter, the concept for Chicago Pizza Tours began with a gourmet foods walking tour his wife participated in with coworkers. While the group sampled a number of items from the city’s various neighborhoods there was one specialty missing from the list: pizza. Porter quickly got the ball rolling, surveying dozens of friends, family and even strangers to identify their favorite pizza venues.

 “I felt it was important to get a wide array of feedback in order to provide a good variety on the tour. Chicago has so much great pizza and it’s not all deep dish - in fact, most Chicago natives gravitate toward and grew up eating mostly thin crust.”

Representing each of these types on a foot tour wasn’t viable and to conquer the distance between some of his favorite restaurants, Porter decided to put some power behind his tour and decided to host his tours via bus. “I really want folks to see the Chicago neighborhoods and not just what surrounds the concentration of hotels that most stay at when visiting.

There are a lot of popular pizzerias within a mile of each other in those areas, but those don’t always depict Chicago’s pizza culture with accuracy. The bus also allows me to give the tour year round. As anyone living here knows we can experience all four seasons in one day!”

The company’s three-hour tour now chauffeurs passengers in comfort via a fifteen passenger bus through at least five of Chicago’s most famous neighborhoods. Participating pizzerias include Pizano’s Pizza and Pasta, Gino’s East, Coalfire, Reggio’s, Frasca Pizzeria and Italian Fiesta Pizzeria, a favorite of President Obama and his family. In addition to their gastronomical journey, participants also learn about the neighborhoods, historical landmarks and, of course, about what makes each of the pizzerias visited unique.

Chicago Pizza Tours gives tours year round on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 2pm. Tour maximum is 15 people with at least a full slice at 4 pizzerias. Tickets are $55 each. For information or to purchase tickets go to

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The Chicago Pizza King said...

Thanks Albert for the post, we had a great day this Sunday aboard the pizza bus with Hyde Park Italian Fiesta getting some high marks amongst the Canadian visitors and some of the locals that had never had.


Clint said...

Sounds pretty awesome. Living in Chicago I've done my fair share of pizza tours. Like many Chicagoans will tell you, they are missing one of the great pizza places here; Art of Pizza in Lakeview. This is the best deep dish I've ever had.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

- Clint