Friday, June 25, 2010

Tutta Bella: Incredible pizza in Seattle

This report comes from our correspondent Rob, in Seattle.

Rob is currently on assignment searching out incredible pizza. He shares the following review about Tutta Bella exclusively for Pizza Therapy:

Rob reports:

"We had an awesome pie in a place we've been hearing about, Tutta Bella. It's right around the corner from Walter's place, which I've got for the summer.

Wood fired, the read-out said 759 degrees F. They use double zero "OO" flour. The crust is light as a feather and quickly attains a fluffy crispness in no time.

Hand shaped, of course, and beautifully burned, the dough is mouthwatering when fire roasted and married with fresh juicy spices and toppings.

All the toppings we had were fresh and tasty. We started with the namesake "Tutta Bella", it seemed right. Above a bright and saucy pomodoro, were spread melting platters of fresh mozzarella.

Dashed with juicy bits of Italian sausage, roasted fresh mushrooms, and roasted onions, it was a rousing, refined, and earthy treat. What with the lightness of the crust and brightness of the toppings, the slices flew from the plate into our greedy mouths in no time.

We quickly ordered another, called The House Special. The special rotated periodically and was, the menu said, "market priced".

We asked about it and our attentive waiter happily explained: a puttanella. We ordered it to go.

More on that later. I have it on the counter right now and as I start to write the review, my mouth is watering."

Tutta Bella
4411 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 633-3800

Thanks Rob. We look forward to reading more of your pizza reports.

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