Friday, July 02, 2010

Pizza Therapy In India

Alain's Pizza from

I love getting positive emails from pizza fanatics describing their pizza adventures.

That is what Pizza Therapy is all about. Make pizza, eat pizza, be pizza

The following email from Alain, was particularly touching and humbling:

Albert, what can I say your the best! The dough was so easy to make. The taste, I must say, was great.  I did 2 batches one with oil and one without and found that the one without oil was softer and nicer.

My wife is Italian and she usually made Pizza for the family. Three years ago she suffered a brain stem stroke, and we relocated to India for treatment.

Yesterday was the first time we had Pizza after so long, and we baked and sang your praise all day as your Dough tasted like my wife's. My kids loved it. We had a couple of Indian Doctors come over and tasted the pizza and they thought it was fantastic and told me that I should open a Pizza shop.

In all Albert we had the best pizza day and you brought good memories back. Albert Grande from the Martinet Family in Delhi we Salute you. Please see attach small sample of our creation.

P. S. going to attempt and make Bread with your Dough during the week will let you know how I go.


Thanks you so very much Alain.

This was a very moving pizza story.

If you are interested in making pizza, you can get a copy of my pizza dough recipe at this link:

The Pizza Therapy Pizz Dough Recipe and Mini Pizza Book

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